Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where are the Crocus?

Inspired by a tree on the corner between the cathedral and the theology department where crocus magically appear every spring, I planted some crocus bulbs under a little portion of the new lawn in our back garden last year. They bloomed a lovely purple last spring so I was eagerly awaiting their appearance this spring. But each day went by with no crocus. I'd wander out with my morning coffee in hand to inspect the lawn in a fruitless search for crocus buds. Where are the crocus?? Did someone eat them? Did they rot away in the winter rains?

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the kitchen window this morning to see an array of purple peaking out through the (too tall and needing mowing...but too late now) grass. Where did they come from? What a happy day.

I really enjoy my walks into town as the seasons change throughout the year. I especially like the late winter and early spring because each day brings a little new appearance of life -- buds reddening, bulbs poking up, people starting to gather at the allotments to work the chilly soil. In a couple of months it will be difficult to remember what the bare branches looked like as they turned into lush green foliage.


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